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All crimes in the South Bay are prosecuted in the Torrance Court. Therefore, if you have been arrested in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Lomita, or Lawndale, it is essential that you speak with a Torrance criminal defense attorney immediately. Proactive preparation of your legal defense the moment you are made aware of your status as a defendant or suspect in a criminal investigation is essential to achieving a favorable outcome to your case. Legal defenses that could otherwise prove beneficial in court can be jeopardized early on in your case without the proper guidance of a skilled criminal lawyer. The representation of an experienced Torrance criminal lawyer can be the most significant part of either protecting your freedoms and liberties or in some cases, preserving your clean record by preventing criminal charges from being filed altogether.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Torrance

California criminal procedure does not compel law enforcement nor prosecutors to release evidence following an arrest or during an investigation until after your arraignment hearing. Therefore, evidence and other case-specific materials such as the police report, blood alcohol content (BAC) reports, or video/audio recordings cannot be obtained until after your initial court hearing. However, a qualified criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience defending a broad range of misdemeanor and felony crimes in Torrance Court can provide you with the necessary insight and guidance into how you should best prepare for your case in lieu of the release of police reports and evidence.

The Torrance criminal attorneys at Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP have both dedicated their legal practice to criminal defense law since 1987. Our criminal defense lawyers are respected former Torrance prosecutors with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office with the following qualifications:



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Paul Takakjian, Esq. | Torrance Criminal Defense Lawyer

  • Former senior prosecutor (Sex Crimes and Hardcore Gang Crimes Special Prosecution Unit)
  • Former police academy breath testing instructor
  • Certified Specialist in Criminal Law- California Board of Legal Specialization

Stephen Sitkoff, Esq. | Torrance Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Former supervising prosecutor (Torrance Court)
  • Former LA County Superior Court Commissioner (Children’s Court)
  • Recognized by Super Lawyers and AV Rated by Martindale-Hubbell

Expert Criminal Attorneys For All Misdemeanor And Felony Charges In Torrance

If you have been arrested in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Lawndale, Lomita, or Palos Verdes, call us today at (424) 757-0865 for a FREE candid case review. Our criminal defense firm has established an unparalleled track record of favorable case results in the Torrance Court for over 3 decades. Whether you are facing a first-time misdemeanor DUI or a felony domestic violence charge, we will secure the best possible outcome for you. Contact us today to discuss your case or to schedule an appointment at our office in Torrance.

Proven Results. Dedicated Defense.

Recent Case Results

PC 647.6 – Misdemeanor Child Annoyance

Location:  Van Nuys Court – People v. T.G.

Case Outcome

*While employed as a campus security guard at a local high school, our client was found to have been engaged in a texting relationship with a 17-year-old student.  LAPD began to investigate, resulting in a detective contacting our client.  After speaking with the detective on our client’s behalf and providing the detective with the text transcripts revealing no sexually explicit nor suggestive conversations, he agreed to submit the matter to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office with a recommendation for an “office hearing” review of the case.  After the hearing, the hearing officer decided to reject the criminal filing, resulting in no charges and no criminal record."

Hit and Run

Location:  Client charged out of Harbor Court

Case Outcome

Case dismissed after reaching Civil Compromise with Victim.

Board of Registered Nurses License Revocation Hearing

Location: Dept. of Consumer Affairs and California Attorney General v. L.B.

Client faced revocation of registered nursing license as a result of a 1st DUI conviction in Ventura Court.

Case Outcome

The client was able to retain license and continue working after probation negotiated.

Lewd act with minor under 14, 6 counts of PC 288(a)

Location: Client charged out of Riverside Court

Case Outcome

All 6 counts dismissed after preliminary hearing.

Location: Ventura Court

Case Details:  *Client charged out of Ventura Court with Furnishing minor with the controlled substance, Oral copulation of a person under 18, Unlawful sexual intercourse, and Sodomy of a person under 16.

Case Outcome

Negotiated plea agreement resulted in NO registration as sex offender after defendant’s release from custody.

Misdemeanor Possession of Cocaine -H&S 11350(a)

Santa Barbara Court – People v. E.B.

Case Details:  Client charged with 1 count of cocaine possession.

Case Outcome

Charge dismissed after successful completion of PC 1000 drug diversion program.

Battery upon a peace officer and 3 counts of Obstructing or Delaying a Peace Officer

Location: Client charged out of Ventura Court

Case Outcome

Prosecutor dismissed all 4 counts shortly prior to the commencement of trial.

Location: Client charged out of Harbor Court with Hit and Run.

Case Outcome

Case dismissed after reaching Civil Compromise with Victim.

Misdemeanor Solicitation – PC 647(b)

Location: Harbor Justice Center (Newport Beach) – People v. A.D.

Case Outcome

*Client arrested after visiting “massage parlor” and soliciting an undercover police officer for sex. Due to our client’s profession as a pediatrician, a conviction for this offense could have ended his career. After instructing our client to attend counseling and then submitting his proof of progress to the deputy district attorney, we convinced her to agree to dismiss the charge against our client after he completed an HIV awareness class, submitted a DNA sample, and avoided criminal activity for 90 days.

1st Degree Residential Burglary, PC 459

Location: LAX Court – People v. R.M.

Case Details

While intoxicated at a party in Bel Air, client broke into a neighbor’s home and took a garage door opener and TV remote control.

Case Outcome

Charge reduced to misdemeanor PC 602(k) – Trespassing.

What Our Clients Say...

“Dear Mr. Kim,  Thank you very much for your efforts to obtain justice for our son. There was no way that we could have compiled enough information on our son to exonerate him. Without your assistance, he might have been a casualty of the justice system instead of a success. You are a very compassionate man who is willing to go the extra mile to help your fellow man. Our son’s story could have had an unhappy ending if not for your tireless dedication. God bless you.  D.C.”

“I had a domestic violence incident and a bad lawyer who was not responsive and told me about a deal offered by the DA 10 min before a preliminary where the victim took the stand against me and made me look very evil. I was in a bad situation. Steve Sitkoff took on my case and was the light compared to the dark of the other lawyer. He was responsive, careful, informative, and advised me to enter an intensive alcohol treatment program which I should have been in since the first day of the incident. He also said this case should not have gone to preliminary and a deal should have been worked out before hand. The deal I finally got had lower jail time than expected in combination with alcohol treatment. I can honestly and highly recommend Steve Sitkoff as a great advocate on your behalf whatever your trouble may be.”

"They did an excellent job in representing me in both my DUI and domestic violence cases. I’m a teacher so I needed it taken care of quickly and not showing on my record if I applied at different teaching opportunities in the future. My DV, did not even end up being charged against me, so I only had the arrest but no official charges showing on my record.”

“My young adult child required defending in a criminal matter in CA. However I and the rest of the family live out of state. From my first online contact with the firm of Takakjian & Sitkoff I received information and help. The phone number I was given lead me to junior consulting attorney Sergio. .. I know Attorney Kim established an excellent rapport and communicated what was happening. Mr. Kim’s grasp of the entire situation was unusual and his professional level of competence outstanding. He devoted an exceptional amount of time to both his client while lending support to this family member. He made himself available by phone, email and text. The outcome of this case was also exceptional. It gave my adult child a second chance. I do not know where one could possibly find a superior law firm and I am grateful for their service.”

“Steve Sitkoff and James Kim were tremendous in helping me with my legal matter. I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with them and their firm. They made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I found them to be highly knowledgeable and attentive. I would definitely recommend Mr. Sitkoff and Mr. Kim to anyone in need of an attorney.”

“Steve is an extremely knowledgeable and well-connected lawyer because of his past as a District Attorney and those relationships can go a long way when helping a client. I had a DUI 10% BAC and he was able to get it reduced to a reckless driving ticket. It saved my career coming out of college. I respect him and his case analyst, James Kim, because they were very honest from the beginning and made no false promises. I definitely recommend that you hire Steven and you will be well taken care of.”

Meet our Legal Defense Team

LA criminal defense attorney

Paul Takakjian | South Bay Criminal Defense Attorney

South Bay criminal defense attorney, Paul Takakjian has practiced criminal law over 37 years. As a former special prosecutor for the Los Angeles DA’s Office and Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist.

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experienced DUI lawyer LA


South Bay criminal defense lawyer, Stephen Sitkoff has practiced criminal law for over three decades. A former Superior Court Commissioner and former supervising deputy district attorney at the Torrance Court.

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James N. Kim has been employed as the firm’s Sr. Case Analyst and Case Manager since 2005. James utilizes his 13 plus years of legal experience and compassion to ensure our clients remain informed throughout their cases.

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Criminal Defense Overview


You should be aware of the top three issues to consider when choosing a criminal defense law firm to represent you.

1. The cheapest Lawyer is not usually the best lawyer if you want to stay out of jail and avoid a permanent criminal record. Look for courtroom experience defending MISDEMEANOR AND FELONY CRIMINAL charges. We have been defending these types of cases since 1987.

2. Choose an Attorney that knows how your type of case is often prosecuted and how to best defend you. We are former Senior Criminal Prosecutors in the Los Angeles Courts and understand how the Prosecutors charging you with a crime will pursue your conviction, allowing us to formulate the best defense for your case.

3. Trial experience. Many attorneys will avoid trial and the expense and time that comes with going to trial, often pushing you to settle for less than ideal case results. We are not afraid of trials and are well respected criminal defense litigators.

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