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Become a Life Insurance Agent

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Become a Life Insurance Agent

You will find a career as a life insurance agent fulfilling if you find it satisfying to help protect the security and well-being of the public. Learning about the educational preferences and responsibilities for life insurance agents is the first step to consider as you try to think about whether becoming a life insurance agent is the right option for you. Now let’s take a look at how to become a licensed insurance agent. 

Get the right education and training

In order to sell life insurance, you need to earn a 4-year college in a related field. While most life insurance firms don’t require formal education, many prefer to hire college graduates. You may need to consider earning a degree in a relevant field to make yourself more competitive. Some of the relevant fields to earn a degree might be in management, business, and marketing. Any certification or degree that shows that you are familiar with the basics of business, finance, and marketing will make you a qualified candidate and more competitive.

Do you need to take a pre-licensing training course?

Most states in the United States require you to complete a pre-licensing training course. So, try to find out about your state licensing requirements by contacting the relevant authorities like the Department of Insurance. Inquire about the minimum number of hours of classroom instruction you must follow and find out about continuing education requirements. 

Apply for your license 

The only way you can become a licensed life insurance agent is to apply for your license. However, you need to get your pre-license class sorted first. Part of the application process includes a background check, getting fingerprinted, and a credit check depending on your state or situation. Before applying for your license, make sure to check if you meet all of your state prerequisites. Once you have submitted all the necessary paperwork, wait for the go-ahead to take the state license exam.

Take the state insurance licensing exam

You can register to take the life insurance licensing exam over telephone or online, but you must go to the official test center to take it in person. This exam will test your general knowledge of state laws regarding insurance, polices, and basic knowledge about insurance terms and concepts.

Gaining relevant experience 

It is important to build an experience that has to do with you being a life insurance agent. Having experience in similar types of jobs will make you stand out from the rest while also strengthening your application. For instance, when you work with a reputable insurance agency like The Zoe Abbot, you will develop relevant skills, including personality, communication skills, and perseverance.

At our agency, you will meet with people from all walks of life in different emotional states. Becoming a life insurance agent with us will give you the user experience you require in this area of interpersonal communication.

Take the next step with us 

When you work with us, we can encourage and guide you through the process. We love nothing more than to see you become a life insurance agent. Contact us today to learn more about how to become an insurance agent.



Become a Life Insurance Agent
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