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If you have been arrested for a DUI in the South Bay, do not take chances with your freedom or future and speak with the Torrance DUI Defense attorneys at Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP.

For over 30 years, South Bay DUI lawyers Paul Takakjian and Stephen Sitkoff have specialized in successfully defending DUI arrests originating in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Lawndale, and Lomita. Our DUI attorneys each possess over 35 years of California DUI law experience and have an unmatched history of success defending DUI and drunk driving charges out of Torrance Court.

Our South Bay DUI Defense Approach

There are many uncertainties in a DUI case such as whether there will be enough evidence to convict, whether the prosecutor can be convinced to reduce your drunk driving charge to Wet Reckless, or whether you can avoid a license suspension. While no competent and reputable DUI lawyer can assure you of an outcome at the beginning of your case, our Torrance DUI lawyers can guarantee you will receive top notch legal representation through all aspects of your drunk driving case. Our DUI defense firm’s representation includes advocacy in both Torrance Court and El Segundo Driver Safety Office where your DMV hearing will be heard. In addition, we will investigate all aspects of your case such as issues related to proper chemical evidence collection and testing procedure, the reliability of breath and blood alcohol evidence, and audio/video evidence to ensure the prosecution and DMV are forced to meet their burden of proof. With over 3 decades of DUI defense expertise in the South Bay, if there is a weakness in the prosecution’s case against you, we will find it and use it to your advantage to either reduce your DUI charges or get them completely dismissed.

Our Qualifications And Experience Is What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

After 3 decades of DUI defense practice in the South Bay, our DUI attorneys have successfully defended virtually every possible variation of drunk driving offenses in Torrance Court. Our drunk driving defense experience ranges from standard first offense misdemeanor DUIs, DUI refusals, DUI checkpoint arrests, DUIs with commercial and professional licenses, and DUIs involving hit and run to more serious felony DUIs due multiple prior drunk convictions, DUIs with accidents causing injury, or vehicular manslaughter. Every drunk driving case is different. However, every Torrance DUI case our firm defends will receive the benefits of the following courtroom advantages:

  • A Former Torrance DUI Prosecutor
  •  A Former LASD & CHP Breath Testing Instructor
  • Over 35 Years of DUI Defense Experience
  •  A Board Certified Specialist
  •  A top rated Super Lawyer
  •  An AV Rated Preeminent Attorney

South Bay Drunk Driving Punishments

The punishment for a DUI in Torrance Court depends on several factors, including your BAC level, prior history of drunk driving, and whether aggravating factors are present, such as your refusal to submit to a chemical test, a traffic collision resulting in injuries to another, or drunk driving with a minor child in your vehicle (child endangerment). Your potential sentence for a 1st offense DUI conviction can range from probation, fines, and a 3, 6, or 9 month, court-ordered DUI education program. If you are charged with a felony DUI causing injuries, you face a potential state prison sentence even as a first offender. The punishment for a DUI conviction can be further compounded by the mandatory 6 month driver’s license suspension if you are a first offender. However, a conviction for a 1st offense DUI refusal would result in a mandatory 1 year license suspension with no eligibility for restricted driving. The quality of your defense and skill of your DUI lawyer is critical toward improving your chances of avoiding a license suspension, harsh penalties, or a drunk driving conviction on your permanent record. The consequences of a DUI arrest in the South Bay can be lessened with the proper legal guidance.

Avoid The Automatic DMV Suspension By Calling Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP Today

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Lawndale, Palos Verdes, or Lomita, call our DUI lawyers now at (424) 757-0865 for a free case review. You only have 10 days to from your arrest date to request a DMV administrative hearing to delay and possibly prevent the suspension of your driving privilege. If you seek the best possible outcome to your DUI case, you should contact our Torrance office today to learn how we can help you.

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