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Las Vegas Criminal Attorney

Article provided by: Law Offices of Garrett T Ogata

Las Vegas is sin city and the courts have not stopped just because there is a pandemic. Many still need a Las Vegas criminal attorney to help them overcome a charge.

Are courts still hearing cases in Las Vegas?

Just because the strip is empty does not mean that basic public safety services stopped. Police arrest and charge people every day.

The most recent arrest record in the Clark County Jail is from today. You need representation that works for you now more than ever.

Why should I consult a criminal attorney?

Most public attorneys are overworked. Due to the limited time they have, conviction rates are 50 percent higher than when using a private attorney. A private attorney can:

  • Dedicate time and resources to your case
  • Has a 75 percent success rate in getting you released from jail
  • Separates you from the state system
  • Can be less biased in big-name cases
  • Can cost less than you think

Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys spend their entire lives working on tough cases. We know your situation and will go the extra mile to protect your rights.

Get access to a dedicated attorney

The average public defender handles two to five more cases than they should. According to the New York Times, some public defenders in the United States deal with up to 194 felony cases at one time

Private attorneys pick cases based on time and potential, meaning that we accept cases when we know that we can handle them. Your time is valuable, and we want to make sure that you keep as much of it as possible.

Private attorneys remove bias

With so many cases, public defenders are not an ideal solution. They often do not have the time to become fully acquainted with you, your case, and your side of the story.

Biases and other issues gradually leak through to cases. Intuition should never take over from facts. Las Vegas Criminal lawyers take the time to work with you on every detail, find witnesses, and increase the chance that your side of the story will be heard and have an impact on your court day.

Separate yourself from the state system

The state system is burdened, and attorneys may not discuss your case but are pressured to achieve a result. This makes a public defender even less likely to succeed.

With your entire life on the line, a criminal lawyer in LV NV is often the only way to break free of the system. We are free from the pressure to achieve a conviction.

Are private attorneys cheap?

Your local private attorney is often less expensive than you think. Despite securing a dismissal or reduced charges in cases involving DUI, prostitution, and almost any other type of crime, The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata believes in broad and affordable representation.

Daniel Ogata graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore with a mission to help and quickly became a star criminal attorney in NV, becoming a member in some of our state's most esteemed organizations.

Schedule a consultation with us today to gain access to a top Las Vegas criminal attorney.

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