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Massage envy lawsuit

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Massage Envy sexual assault lawsuit

By nature, a massage parlor is one of the most vulnerable environments you can find yourself. At the massage table, you place absolute trust in the hands of a stranger, half-naked and alone. The least massage therapists can do is replicate this trust by ensuring they go about their task with the utmost professionalism. Sadly, this is not always the case. It’s even more worrisome when massage parlors have policies that encourage the act.

In recent times, hundreds of women have accused Massage Envy, America’s largest massage chain, of wanton negligence when it comes to protecting their clients from sexual assault. If you have been sexually assaulted at a massage envy parlor, our sexual assault lawyers at Horowitz Law can help you file a massage envy sexual assault lawsuit. The lawsuit would help you recover some damages while forcing Massage Envy to take the appropriate steps to protect their clients. 

What should you do if you are sexually assaulted by a massage therapist?

If you have been sexually assaulted by any spa employee, the best thing to do is report the case to the police. As many women have come to learn, reporting to the organization does not produce the right result in most cases. Often, organizations like Massage Envy have been accused of trying to save face without caring about the emotional and mental health of the victim.

In addition to reporting to the police, you should also contact an experienced sexual assault attorney to help you weigh your legal options. In cases of sexual assault, victims can file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator and other liable parties. The sooner you file a Massage Envy sexual assault lawsuit, the faster you can get justice. Importantly, your actions would ensure the same unfortunate event does not happen to another vulnerable person.

Can Massage Envy and other spas be held liable for the action of their therapists?

When it comes to protecting clients from sexual abuse, organizations cannot afford to be negligent. However, numerous reports have found Massage Envy wanting in this regard. Some former staff of Massage Envy have come forward to claim that they were instructed to do everything in their power to ensure clients do not report to the police when they experience sexual abuse. This is a passive way of promoting unprofessional behavior from their massage therapists.

Furthermore, many women have alleged that their claims were either ignored or mishandled when they reported to individual franchises or the parent company itself. They hastily claimed some reports were not credible while in other cases, they fired their therapists without reporting their offenses. All these reports point to negligence on the part of Massage Envy.

If you have experienced any form of sexual abuse from any staff of Massage Envy, both the perpetrator and the company can be held liable in a Massage Envy sexual assault lawsuit. Scheduling a free consultation with our sexual assault lawyers would be the perfect way to assess your legal options.


Massage envy lawsuit
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